The Woodbridge

Historic 5 Star Luxury


Because you are worth it and life is short…
experience the grandeur and elegant refinement of a bygone era.


The Woodbridge celebrates 2 centuries of Tasmanian history (1825) in one of Australia’s oldest historic houses, a private hotel offering modern luxury riverfront accommodation, steeped in stories and defined by gracious hospitality.


Heritage listed Woodbridge is an accredited 5 Star hotel. Tasmania’s first and  only Small Luxury Hotel of the World (2007-2019), The Woodbridge was listed as one of Australia’s Top 10 Luxury Hotels by Business Review Magazine.

Ideal Luxury Accommodation near Hobart


Tasmania’s first & only Small Luxury Hotel of the World (2007-2019)
Tasmania’s only accredited 5 Star Hotel
Named as one of Australia’s Top 10 Luxury Hotels
Named in 10 of the Best Australian Gourmet Getaways
Nominated (again) as Australia’s Leading Boutique Hotel

The Woodbridge is the pre-eminent historic luxury accommodation in Tasmania, offering personalised boutique accommodation near Hobart. Woodbridge is a superbly restored, 1825 convict-built riverfront Grand Mansion.


Woodbridge operates in the style of the grand houses of yesteryear and is less an hotel, and more an expression of warm, country hospitality. A seamless blend of rich history and modern boutique amenity, Heritage-listed Woodbridge has been described by a guest as: “like being given the keys to a friend’s country mansion”.


At Woodbridge you will step back in time, return to a gentler pace, breathe! Do as much or as little as you wish in the easy rhythm of yesteryear, where activity and relaxation is interspersed with the most social of all activities – food and wine.


And in the style of hospitality of the grand homes of yesteryear, we have great pleasure creating wonderful experiences.


But if you are looking for glitz, glamour, and ‘big city buzz’, we are not the place for you. If you are looking for an isolated enclave miles from everything, again, we are not the place for you. If you are looking for accommodation in the town of Woodbridge, ‘our Woodbridge’ is in the town of New Norfolk, only 25 minutes from Hobart CBD, 40 minutes from Hobart Airport and 15 minutes from MONA, but also 20-40 minutes from Mt Field & Russell Falls, the Highlands & Nant Distillery, Bonorong and Richmond.


The Woodbridge is ideally placed and guests frequently settle in and make us their base for discovering all that Southern Tasmania has to offer.

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Luxury Hotel Trends

I watch travel trends carefully and travel widely every year to keep abreast of changes. Besides, we love to travel, and I prefer to travel ‘well’. In recent years, luxury travel has simplified. Guests want more informality but without any diminishing of service standards. They just want it presented differently. Dining is the most noticeable […]


Wedding Venue

Today I met with a mainland Wedding Planner who specialises in small intimate weddings for her exclusive clientele. Because Woodbridge was recommended to her, she decided to come down from the mainland to see for herself. Of course, she loved Woodbridge, as we knew she would. She immediately started to plan options to offer her […]

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Environmental Responsibility

I love being able to repurpose things. If you think of it, Woodbridge itself is a grand example of repurposing and recycling. After all, we restored and repurposed a derelict Georgian mansion and turned it into luxury accommodation.  And in doing this we recycled bricks and wood and architectural features. We also found various items […]