Food & Drink Options

Travellers want flexibility


Guest dining preferences have changed and The Woodbridge has evolved and continues to evolve to reflect this.


You don’t have to decide now.


We will contact you prior to arrival to discuss meal options.

Riverside Dining is available at Tasmanian luxury Accommodation

The Pavilion


Riverfront breakfasts & dinners are served in the Pavilion by prior arrangement.

Prior to your arrival, staff will contact you to discuss meal options.

The Pavilion is open for checkins and checkouts, and for scheduled breakfasts & dinners.

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Dietary restrictions


Our set menus can be adapted to accommodate vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free diets if we are given at least 7 days notice.

Our dinner set menus are unable to accommodate vegan or dairy free, or other restrictive medical and lifestyle dietary restrictions.



Breakfast is a set meno combination of buffet and served foods.

Breakfast opens 8.00am and is bumped down at 9.30am.

There is sufficient food options to suit most diets. Please give us at least 7 days notice of dietary requests.



Alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks are available from the Pavilion from 4.00pm.┬áPre-dinner drinks are served from 6.30pm – no BYO please.

An honour bar is situated in the Salon. Please contact your Mobile Concierge to have drinks supplied to your room.




Pre-dinner drinks and seating from 6.30pm. First course is served at 7.00pm. Dinner is usually finished by 9.00pm.

Dinner is a set menu meal with full service. The daily menu is designed with guest dietary restrictions in mind, if we have at least 7 days notice.

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Guest Kitchen


When the munchies hit, we want you to feel at home. Our Guest Kitchen & Honour Bar are situated in the Salon, and are available for use 24/7.

We supply fridge, freezer, microwave, electric jug, coffee machine, tea/coffee/milk, glassware, crockery, cutlery.