Tasmanian Luxury Escape trends are changing

Tasmanian Luxury Escape trends are changing

4. The Rise of Remote Work and Long-Term Stays

Tasmanian luxury escape trends have changed because the pandemic-induced shifts in travel patterns have changed forever the landscape.


The Woodbridge has been operating as a small luxury hotel since 2007.  I have previously blogged about how things have changed and continue to change for accommodation providers since Covid.


Keeping abreast of the changes is an ongoing challenge for Tasmanian luxury escape providers. That is as true for us as luxury accommodation providers as it is for luxury tour or experience suppliers.


Several new developments that I find very interesting are in the domestic market. One of these is the rise of remote work and long-term stays.



Remote work and long-term stays


I have always liked the idea of living in a hotel.


Up until fairly recent times, it was not unusual, especially for single people of independent means. Period movies and Tv series often depict the summer months lived in hotels in Italy or the south of France. One of my favourite TV series, the BBC’s The Duchess of Duke Street   often depicted gentlemen for whom the hotel was home.


And the idea of living abroad for lengths of time is not new. Europeans frequently rent a house in Provence or Italy for periods of time, and the trend increased during Covid.


A new form of  travel evolves


Something that evolved out of Covid was remote work.


And with remote work, traditional geographical work constraints are no longer a factor. People found that, as long as they had connectivity, they could work from anywhere.


Some cities and countries even began offer incentives to lure remote workers.  And so people are taking advantage of the opportunity to work remotely from unique locations worldwide.


The phenomenon  blurred the lines between work and travel and breathed new life into a novel type of travel – ‘workations’.


As people are less tied to physical offices, the idea of working remotely from different locations around the world is becoming more popular. This shift allows people to experience new cultures and places without giving up their work.


This trend made significant strides in 2024 and is set to continue.


Catering to the needs of digital nomads


In response, accommodation providers are enhancing their facilities to cater to the needs of these ‘digital nomads’. In particular is the need to ensure high-speed internet and conducive workspaces.


Tasmania is well placed to attract this market.


It is easily accessible to the mainland’s capital cities, and even its main cities have a relaxed lifestyle. Everything is ‘close by’, and ‘traffic jams last a mere 5 minutes! And recreational outdoors and food and wine scenes are on everybody’s doorstep.


Welcoming the new Tasmanian Luxury Escape Trends


Workations are adding a new dimension to the luxury escapes so familiar to The Woodbridge.


Some guests are just taking a short getaway, continuing to work but enjoying being pampered as they do so.


But also, some guests are negotiating terms to stay for much longer, working far removed from their usual base – a totally new phenomena.


We expect to see an increase in accommodations catering to the strong Wi-Fi and comfortable workspace requirements of the digital nomads.