Hobart luxury holiday hotels availability

Hobart luxury holiday hotels availability is fluctuating dramatically.
Travel numbers are definitely improving, but they are still nowhere near where they were pre-pandemic.
Hobart was fully booked out for some peak weekends such as the recent Wooden Boat Festival. But this was the exception rather than the rule.
Hobart continued to have good availability over the peak periods over Christmas and New Year. I don’t recall that ever being the case before.
This glut may be attributed partly to an increase in accommodation providers in recent years. Several new large hotels have been added to the Hobart luxury holiday hotels stable. And every man and his dog now has an Airbnb.

Still a recent report from PRNewswire/ — Tripadvisor® suggests that things are on the up.


This is what is being predicted:

Globally, the desire to travel shows no sign of abating. More than two thirds (67%) of respondents planning to travel this upcoming season. The majority of those (82%) are planning 1-2 trips. Almost 9 in 10 respondents (89%) will travel the same amount or more compared to the previous year. This figure highest in the U.S. (93%) and lowest in the U.K. (86%).

Inflationary pressures across the globe continue to impact consumer spending behaviour. Almost two-thirds of survey respondents (62%) report changing travel plans as a result of rising living costs. This is consistent with behaviour from prior Seasonal Travel Indexes over the last two quarters of 2022. Around a third (32%) will likely travel less or for shorter lengths than previously planned. A similar number (30%) plan to vacation closer to home than previously planned. Rising energy costs also impact travel behaviors, though slightly less so than rising living costs.


Affordability is now a major factor


While affordability is now nearly twice as important as other factors when planning a trip, travellers will maintain travel spend. This season over a third (36%) are planning to spend about the same amount as last year on travel. Over half (52%) are spending more.

The majority of global travellers (57%) plan to travel domestically this upcoming season. However, the propensity to take international trips has increased (from 40% to 43%) .


The Australian Market


Australians in particular are more inclined to travel internationally compared to the previously (+7%). This could be due to seasonality and the recent reduction of COVID-19 restrictions for Australians travelers. American respondents also show a higher propensity for foreign trips compared to the previously (+3%).

Unsurprisingly, the top ten fastest growing global destinations are all based in Asia-Pacific countries. Many of these have reopened to international travellers or loosened restrictions over the past 12 months.



Trip Advisor concludes: “We are seeing positive signs showing strong demand for long-haul and international travel.”



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