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Covid has changed the way that people want to travel.


Woodbridge has evolved to meet the desire for more flexibility.


As with all things, please contact us HERE if you need further assistance.


Date change?

Contact us.


Sometimes it is hard to get the ducks in a row … especially since Covid came into our lives!

We will always do our best to modify the date of your stay.

Please check the general Terms & Conditions here, the details on your reservation and then Contact us here.




Checkin is 3.00-6.00pm.

Flights into Hobart are often delayed in Melbourne, especially on Friday nights.

We will have linked your mobile to our Mobile Concierge Service. Please keep us informed and we will do our best to accommodate late arrivals.

Early in?

Late out?


It is usually difficult for us to accommodate early checkin or late checkout. But we will try.

We appreciate being given as much notice as possible to try to arrange this.

If staff are available to take the extra shift, charges will apply at $50/hr + applicable penalty rates.

courtyard tables

Express or



Guests arriving 3.00-4.30pm will be offered complimentary tea or coffee.

Just park outside and wander in for a leisurely check-in.

If you prefer an express check-in straight to your room, just tell staff.


Afternoon tea is available in Pavilion or under almond trees daily from 4.00pm.

dining table with view over river


Decide later


Breakfasts and dinners in the Pavilion are lovely, but guests don’t necessarily want them every day.

So we schedule meals around requirements, and we will contact you about 2 weeks before your arrival..

Guests choosing to book last minutes should contact us regarding meal schedules.

Check meal information here.

Contact us here to discuss meal options.

food platter


Drinks anyone?


For your convenience our Guest Kitchen & Honour Bar in the main house is available 24/7 – but please observe the “quiet please’ courtesy protocol 10.00pm-8.00am.

Our Honour Bar is reasonably priced. Please let your Mobile Concierge know if you’d like additional supplies to the Honour Bar and we will re-stock.

We are fully licensed but are not licensed for BYO. So no BYO please!

Check Honour Bar information here.




We do things a little differently here.

The big house at The Woodbridge is the guests’ domain, and staff come and go about their duties.

The Pavilion is attended on a needs basis.

But we are always  on call for anything, via the Mobile Concierge Service linked to your mobile.

Check Pavilion hours here

sharland bathroom


Opt in or out


Many people now value the ‘safety bubble’ that is their room, and prefer not to have staff enter their room.

Our 2 & 3 day stays fit in nicely around this, and we do a deep clean in between blocks.

Light housekeeping is available every second day – please let us know if your would like a service.

If you like to be independent, but need supplies, please contact your Mobile Concierge 0417996305





In keeping with environmental policies, we have reduced our carbon emissions and closed chimneys in most rooms.

If you would like a fire set in the ballroom, please just request this of staff, or via the Mobile Concierge Service..

As our chimneys are capped, please do not light fires yourself.

sports car




There is room for 1 standard size car parking on-site. Please park at right angles to the fence.

There is a hose & broom for washing your car in the carpark, and a carwash station just across the river (turn left over bridge).

There is an EVUp charging station a few blocks away at Mood Food Petrol Station.

academy bathroom


Luggage Racks?


There are hanging options in your bathroom and our aluminium clothes hangers are perfect for drip drying over the bath. There is a commercial laundromat a few blocks away in High St. There is an iron and mini ironing board in your room. Full size ironing boards are in the middle cupboard in the lower hallway, or ask you Mobile Guest Concierge to place one in your room.

There are also additional luggage racks in that cupboard..

view from the river




The local outdoor pool is just a few hundred metres along the foreshore, but some guests prefer a quick dip in the river! Guests love the walks along the river and looping around the town – ask staff for a trails map. And there are exercise stations along the foreshore walk.

Your Mobile Concierge can fill you in on paddle boarding, hydro bikes, kayaking or bushwalking. The nearby local gym accepts casual attendance.




If you are setting off early, please do let us know via the Mobile Concierge Service linked to your phone, so staff are not waiting for you at breakfast or checkout.

We can express checkout. Pre-pay your bar tab or we can charge to your credit card.

Please remember to drop your keys into key-box AFTER exiting the gate.





Breakfast opens at 8.00am in The Pavilion.

For those wanting to get away early, our Guest Kitchen is in the main house and is at your disposal – please be thoughtful and observe the 10.00pm – 8.00am ‘Quiet Please’ courtesy protocol.

There is a coffee machine in the Guest Kitchen as well as in your room.

open fire and wine in the lounge room




Please Contact us here if you would like wine & cheese to be waiting in your room. Or you might prefer it served in the Ballroom Lounge or under the almond trees overlooking the river.

Just supply us with your wine preference, and budget.

Please try to give us at least 7 days notice.

game board




Before you arrive, we will contact your mobile to link you into our Mobile Concierge Service.

Running late? Got lost? Want recommendations? Change of plans? Need supplies?

Lying in bed thinking about tomorrow? – just call or text us with your questions.

smile in a coffee

Time to

start planning?


There is so much to see and do nearby that you will want 48hrs/day.

Spend an hour or so on our Activities pages here

There are pages for on-site activities, drive-to activities, chauffeured activities, fly to activities.

So much choice!

hello view Woodbridge|The Woodbridge Tasmania|Helicopter Experiences Hobart Tasmania

Fly in

Fly out?


Seaplanes land on the river in front of the Woodbridge, and helicopters land on our foreshore.

You can arrive or depart by air, of take off on day excursions. See some options here

Contact us here to book