Wisteria showcase

Does wisteria like hardship?


Our wisteria seems to thrive under far from favourable conditions, and it makes one wonder – does wisteria thrive or at least bloom better under hardship?


Woodbridge was built in 1825, and with free convict labour, they dug out the bedrock and built Woodbridge straight onto it! So there was no soil, and I mean absoluely no soil, where I wanted to plant the wisteria to grow over the terrace garden.


So, not being one to take defeat without exhausting every strategy, I decided to try planting in a large pot to get it started, but with the bottom removed so that the roots could then establish themselves in the ground.


Move forward a couple of years, and as you can see, the success has been spectacular. Thank goodness our supports are very strong.


Sitting in the terrace garden under the wisteria is such a treat, visually and sensorially. The perfume is divine!