Tasmanian Weather

Sparklingly beautiful in the sunlight, mysteriously enticing in the rain.

It doesn’t matter what the weather, Woodbridge is a stunner.

We have had weeks of record breaking heat, and she has sparkled in the sun. We had bushfires 2 weeks ago, and she looked unbelievably amazing in the red sunsets caused by the smoke. This weekend, thankfully, the rains came, and she looks mysterious and just as lovely when wrapped in mist.

Today? Well today is warm sunshine and clear skies, just as we expect for summer …. but of course, as always, there is a Tassie weather twist.

It is high summer, and for the second time this summer, we have snow falling. It dropped to 4 degrees here last night  and sub zero higher up.

Tasmanian weather is mercurial, and like all things here, we try to give great value for money … like 3 for 1 …. 3 seasons in a day.

But what I have never seen, and would dearly love to see, is Woodbridge with a cloak of snow. It used to happen. There are photos of New Norfolk with heavy snow cover, but these days, with global warming, while we do get the occasional snowfall, it is more sleet than snow by the time it reaches us.

Still with the extreme weather events that are happening, I live in hope.

That photo will be one I will definitely be posting!