Relaxed Riverfront Dining charm journalists

Relaxed dining overlooking the river


We have the pleasure of hosting many interesting people at Woodbridge.


It is always gratifying when these people express their delight in Woodbridge, and for all our guests, one of the favourite rooms is the riverfront dining Pavilion.


Recently, a group of respected journalists from several prestigious magazines and newspapers stayed at Woodbridge. These journalists write for luxury travel columns, and they have been everywhere and have seen it all. So when they told us that Woodbridge was “just lovely” we were chuffed.


This group were here on assignment, putting together stories on the beautiful Derwent Valley. There is no doubt that the Derwent Valley is becoming a bright spot on the radar, and I was delighted to recently see a full programme on trout fishing in the Derwent Valley on TV’s Fishing Programme.


There is a tendency to think how wonderful such roving reporting from luxury destinations must be with 5 star accommodation, wonderful food, top shelf wines, private drivers and being hosted at restaurants and vineyards and distilleries and experiences. But we forget how tiring it must be, always on the go, one place to another, eager establishments promoting their products, having to smile but not promise anything, taking notes and always looking for the special photo. And then when they get ‘home’ to their hotel, they have to commit their written and audio notes to their computers, and review and colate their images. These are long tiring days.


I must say, I have never seen a more focused group of professionals.


The riverfront dining Pavilion is a favourite with all guests, and so it was for this group of journalists, and we enjoyed watching them wind down at dinner after each hectic day. As the Pavilion and the river worked their magic, the journalists visibly relaxed.


The Pavilion has a lovely atmosphere, here caught in an image of his companions by journalist Mark Daffy.