Mount Field Tall Trees Wilderness Walk


Mount Field Tall Trees – Wilderness Walk Experience


The Mount Field Tall Trees walking experience is an absolute must do when coming to Tasmania

Our guests love that the wilderness is on our doorstep. But we are also we are only 20minutes from MONA and the city pleasures of Hobart.

And we have the best of everything in between.

The best of all worlds!


A firm favourite of guests is Russell Falls and the gentle giants of the Mount Field Tall Trees experience.  And they love walking beneath our giant swamp gums on The Tolkien Track in the Styx Tall Trees Conservation Area.



A good intro to easy off-trail hiking


While many of our guests stick to the boardwalks of the established pathways, there are also easy, well marked off-trail hiking for enjoying the Mount Field Tall Trees.


Always check with local Tasmanian Parks Rangers at Mount Field. They will give directions and offer advice. The walks are classed as ‘intermediate’ difficulty, so check with the ranger about what this means for you. Ask for input about following the pink ribbons which mark the trails.

And don’t forget ask about the weather/clothing as Tasmanian weather is mercurial and can change in 10 minutes.


While the walk is only a few kilometres, you will probably spend quite a while enjoying the splendour, so a few snacks and water air advised. Please carry all waste our with you.


World’s Tallest Trees


One of Tassie’s little known facts is that our Swamp Gums the world’s second tallest tree species, and the world’s tallest flowering tree.

The Eucalyptus regnans grow to more than 100 metres tall. Centurion, the world’s second tallest tree is near the dearly loved  ‘The Tolkien Track’.

While Centurion is bigger, the Tolkien Track is something special. And the aptly named Gandalf’s Staff, 400 years old and 85m tall, sends my heart soaring.


If you would prefer, we can arrange for a private guide to take you to these very special places. Contact us here