Luxury Lodge or Boutique Hobart Hotel?

Luxury Lodge Accommodation near Hobart - what’s in a name?

Luxury Lodge or Boutique Hobart Hotel? – what’s in a name?


A guest recently pondered the question, Luxury Lodge or Boutique Hobart Hotel?


Is The Woodbridge a Luxury Lodge or a Boutique Hotel? Either way he concluded that it is “damn fine accommodation!”

We always describe Woodbridge as:”Less an hotel, and more like being given the keys to a friend’s country mansion”. Inclusive of damn fine staff, of course? Of course!


When we designed The Woodbridge, we thought carefully about what we wanted it to be. How we wanted it to operate. The atmosphere that we wanted it to have.


One thing that we knew we did not want – those impersonal common areas. I hate it when the common areas feel like you are intruding on the staff’s domain. You stay inside your room, because it is the only place that you feel is yours.


For this reason, our design concept was to make The Mansion the guest domain. While the staff come and go, The Mansion remains the guests’ space, while the staff are based in The Pavilion.


In so many ways, The Woodbridge is not a conventional hotel.


And The Woodbridge is not in Hobart, and yet it is a Hobart hotel.

So many guests chose to stay at The Woodbridge when they are coming to Hobart. Some chose The Woodbridge because they prefer to not be in the centre of Hobart. Most chose to stay here instead of the centre of Hobart because they want to stay at The Woodbridge specifically.

So this begs the question: Do they particularly want to stay at The Woodbridge because it is different to most?


We like to think so!