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10 Feb

Luxury Lodge or Boutique Hobart Hotel?

  A guest recently pondered the question, Luxury Lodge or Boutique Hobart Hotel?   Is The Woodbridge a Luxury Lodge or a Boutique Hotel? Either way he concluded that it is “damn fine accommodation!” We always describe Woodbridge as:”Less an hotel, and more like being given the keys to a friend’s country mansion”. Inclusive of […]

8 Feb

Easter Luxury Escape Hobart surrounds

  For years I watched the series Country House Party on TV, and of course, I am a Downton Abbey tragic. Even Poirot and Ms Marples seem to attend back to back Country House Parties.   The atmosphere at The Woodbridge is always lovely. There is a ‘feel’ to The Woodbridge, and our staff are […]

24 Jan

Best Accommodation Hobart Dark Mofo

  Perhaps the best accommodation for Hobart Dark Mofo is a little out of town. This year The Woodbridge plans a Country House Party for the duration of the festival.   Situated on the Derwent River, The Woodbridge is just 15 minutes from MONA, and 25 minutes from Hobart CBD. It is is ideally situated to […]

24 Dec

Luxury Private Hotel near Hobart

  Our luxury private hotel near Hobart had a rather surprising incident recently. A lady became quite offended that she was not able to wander into the property for a ‘look around’.   We explained that The Woodbridge respects its guests’ right to peaceful, private enjoyment. Therefore Woodbridge is accessible only to in-house guests.   […]

6 Nov

Best Hobart Hotels and Restaurants

  Best Hobart hotels and restaurants naturally implies the best of everything that Tasmania has to offer. Gourmet food and premium wine has made Tassie famous. Our pure water creates top shelf whiskies, gins, vodkas, rums and ales. As a result, there is a burgeoning distillery and micro-brewery industry.   However, would it surprise you […]

8 Oct

Boutique Tea – Luxury Hotel near Hobart

  Enjoying a boutique tea in a luxury hotel near Hobart may not be why most people come to Tasmania. Yet it is, in many ways, part of the history of Tasmania.   The tea ceremony was part of the typical English colonial history of which Tasmania was a part. And Woodbridge would have seen its […]

26 Sep

Riverside Luxury Accommodation Hobart

  Guests love this riverside luxury accommodation near Hobart. There is something about sitting riverside sipping on a cup of tea, or wine, gazing over the water.   That is what we were doing this afternoon. We call it ‘working’ and that was indeed what we were doing today. We sat there in the late […]

25 Sep

Tasmanian Restoration – luxury hotel in Historic House

  It is not every day that someone reimagines an historic house restoration as a luxury Tasmanian hotel.   Captain Roadknight constructed Woodbridge in the early 1800’s and it was completed in 1825.   To understand the building, one first must understand the building techniques of the time.   Convicts built Woodbridge using handmade low-fired […]

12 Sep

Tasmania’s Aurora Australis showing at The Woodbridge

  Tasmania’s Aurora Australis is magnificent. Seeing it gives one a huge buzz, no matter how often you see it.   It is surprising how many people are unaware of this Tasmanian phenomenon. They know about the Northern Lights but not about its Southern counterpart.   It is even more surprising when you consider that […]

4 Sep

Come away to a Tasmanian Spring Getaway