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30 Nov

Taste of Tasmania all year round

  Taste of Tasmania need not be restricted to that hectic first week in January.   This taste adventure offers some of the best food, wine and spirits that Tasmania has to offer. And it will introduce you to some of Tasmania’s best kept taste secrets as well.   The beautiful 1825 heritage-listed The Woodbridge […]

8 Oct

Boutique Tea – Luxury Hotel near Hobart

  Enjoying a boutique tea in a luxury hotel near Hobart may not be why most people come to Tasmania. Yet it is, in many ways, part of the history of Tasmania.   The tea ceremony was part of the typical English colonial history of which Tasmania was a part. And Woodbridge would have seen its […]

26 Sep

Riverside Luxury Accommodation Hobart

  Guests love this riverside luxury accommodation near Hobart. There is something about sitting riverside sipping on a cup of tea, or wine, gazing over the water.   That is what we were doing this afternoon. We call it ‘working’ and that was indeed what we were doing today. We sat there in the late […]

25 Sep

Tasmanian Restoration – luxury hotel in Historic House

  It is not every day that someone reimagines an historic house restoration as a luxury Tasmanian hotel.   Captain Roadknight constructed Woodbridge in the early 1800’s and it was completed in 1825.   To understand the building, one first must understand the building techniques of the time.   Convicts built Woodbridge using handmade low-fired […]

6 Sep

Meet our spirits free drinks menu

  I am always looking for spirits free drinks when I go out. I am always so disappointed. This week I went to a fabulous restaurant, and was delighted to have a choice of 3 alcohol free drinks. Additionally there was the usual soft drink options which all too often are the only alcohol free […]

4 Sep

Come away to a Tasmanian Spring Getaway

12 Aug

Tasmanian Distilleries Tour

Our Tasmanian Distilleries Tour, ‘The Spirit of the Derwent’, introduces guests to our fabulous local spirits. The development of the local Tasmanian food and wine scene has been quite something since we opened Woodbridge in 2007. Furthermore, the more recent addition of distilleries, whisky, gin and vodka, as well as artisan breweries, add a whole […]

11 Aug

Experiential hotel in Tasmania has lots to offer

  Travellers now demand more than mere luxury accommodation. The usual luxury ‘must haves’ are now givens. Now, the stay has to be an experience in its own right. Everything, especially the views, have to be supremely instagramable. And the food and wine must be on trend and socially responsible, as well as delicious.   Every […]

9 Aug

Reviews and Guest Feedback

I posted this image of snippets from our Guest Comments book on Instagram and Facebook today. Soon after, I was contacted by a lady who wrote one of the comments. She had obviously really loved to her Woodbridge stay, because is looking forward to coming back soon. Last week I posted an image of Woodbridge […]

28 Jul

Heritage Listed Boutique Tasmanian Hotel

In deciding to reimagine and rebrand Woodbridge, many things had to be considered. All of them are interlocking. All of them effect each other. And all of them determine the direction of things to come. One has to consider all that was the best of Woodbridge on the Derwent, which one wishes to retain. Then […]