Best hotel near Hobart for Exclusive Use

They wanted the best hotel near Hobart for arich and famous getaway

Best Hotel near Hobart was the brief for an Exclusive Use by a group of internationally rich and famous.


“Our clients want the best hotel near Hobart that we can acquire, “ said the voice on the end of the phone. This agent was acting one behalf of a gentleman who wanted an Exclusive Use of The Woodbridge to entertain  a group of friends. The friends were arriving from various places around the world.


The reservation was made and the agent began to outline the detail of the stay. It quickly became obvious that her client wanted nothing but the best. Her client was used to having nothing but the best. His friends were used to having nothing but the best.


It is interesting that most people that I speak to think that many of our guests are rich and indulgent and therefore demanding and obnoxious. This could not be further from the truth. Our experience is that the more outstanding the guest, the more charming and accommodating they are.


It is true that many of our guests can afford whatever they want. They can afford to be indulgent. Our guests do expect quality and quality service is usually top of the list. However, they are not necessarily looking for lots of bling and pretension. We find that most guest coming to The Woodbridge are looking for something warm and inviting, cosy and relaxing. Many of our guests have very busy lives, and they come to us to unwind.



The guest list read like a Who’sWho


But this group were not coming to unwind. These were young guns who worked hard and played hard. They were not coming for a rest, and so we worked with their agent to plan full days of activities.


Eventually the agent sent us the list of guests so that we could assign rooms. The list of names was impressive, guests from across the globe, all highly successful in their own right.


It ended up being an interesting few days at The Woodbridge. And when one of the internationally rich and famous wrote in the guest book “what a gem!”, we have to be chuffed, don’t we?