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Day by Day in our Luxury Tasmanian Hotel

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Running Woodbridge is not a walk in the park.

I have been, and continue to be, an avid fan of The Duchess of Duke Street  and  Upstairs, Downstairs  and Pride & Prejudice  and  Country House Party  and  now, of course, Downton Abbey.  Yes, I am a 'tragic'!

But I am also a realist, and so Fawlty Towers is Hospitality Training 101 for all staff.

I often say that running Woodbridge is a bit of a mix of all of the above, hopefully less of the later, although we do have our moments!

Our Blog is a glimpse behind the scenes of the day to day runnng of Woodbridge, and of our life in Tasmania.

Click to read about our 'behind the scenes' below:

Helicopter transfers are here - Woodbridge can now offer guests the buzz of helicopter transfers and sightseeing

Sister property Truffle Lodge opens - after 10 years in the making, our luxury eco-retreat opens just 10 minutes up-river from Woodbridge

Darina Allen at Woodbridge - when Irish Cooking Legend Darina Allen stays at Woodbridge, our food must be up to her exceptional standards!

SLH Area Manager loves Woodbridge - when the top brass from Small Luxury Hotels comes to stay, we wow him by doing nothing differently!

Restoration e-Booklet - revamping the photo album of the restoration as a digital e-booklet

Hard work if you can get it! - getting ready for re-opening isn't all about cleaning and setting up.

Historic Letter tells why did free settlers choose to come to Tasmania and what they found here

Our Romantic Riverfront - staff and guests love our ever changing river vista, but we are not the only ones to love Woodbridge

Woodbridge on an Aboriginal Site? - we rather like the idea that Woodbridge's foreshore may have been the site of an aboriginal encampment.

One of Australia's Best - Woodbridge has been named as one of 10 of the Best Australian Gourmet Getaways

To Winter Retreat ... or not! - for the first time we have decided to open Woodbridge for Group Retreats over the Winter

The Nightingale true to Tasmanian history - rejecting the sanitised record, the movie will be true to the history of Tasmania's female convicts

Creating memories - so much goes into choosing and delivering activites and experiences to our guests.

Luxury Awards & 5 Star Ratings  - the truth behind the Luxury Awards, 'Independent'  Reviews and 5 Star Rating games

Bring in the Drones  - videoing is becoming essential for tourism marketing, but it is an expensive and 'hit & miss' undertaking

Derwent Valley wins Tourism Awards - the Derwent Valley has been Tasmania's best kept secret, but the times they are a changing!

Behind the Bars  - converting the convict lockup at Woodbridge into a quaint wine cellar

Movie: The Nightingale (2017)  - we think of the glamour of our favourite movie stars, but this week we have seen just how hard they work

More than just a Bed  - Woodbridge isn't just a pit stop. Woodbridge is an experience in its own right

Gardening Mayhem  - rain, rain and more rain, then wind, heat, and a new gardener who doesn't cut the mustard

Without a Paddle!  - we bought a great little wooden row boat, but ended up the creek .... thankfully with a paddle

Feeding the Beast  - social media has a voracious appetite for images, and you fail to feed the beast at your peril

Al Fresco - making over the area under the almond trees has been such a simple job, and I wonder why we haven't done this before

Finding luxury Tasmanian accommodations - I like to find lovely accommodations like Woodbridge so that I can have a luxury break


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