Luxury Hotel Hobart Breakfast reimagined

Luxury hotel Hobart breakfast in a Covid world has to be done differently.

Luxury Hotel Hobart breakfast in a Covid world? Everything has to be done differently.


Breakfast at our Luxury Hotel near Hobart was a elegant affair. Our buffet included smoked salmon, hams and cured meats, cheeses, boiled eggs, cereals, yoghurts, fresh and mulled fruits and toasts. Most items were self-serve which freed staff to concentrate on service and plenty of fresh barista coffee.


Then Covid happened, and Covid changed everything!


We were hygiene conscious before the pandemic. Our meats and and cheeses were on chilled platters and under glass domes. The domes hygienically covered the food. And being glass, there was no need to lift the domes to see what was under, so the domes were not lifted unnecessarily.


Reimagining our breakfasts has been a challenge.


Planning our breakfasts for guest Covid Safety was easy. Planning breakfast to be Covid Safe, tasty and a much-loved experience was a different matter.


Guests love breakfast in The Pavilion overlooking the river. It is a most relaxed time. Guests look for platypus and watch the sculls on the river, while grazing at the buffet table.


We didn’t want to lose that feel.


In the our Covid Safe planning, some things about breakfasts could stay the same. Served tea, coffee and juice are fine. Croissants individually served at the table are fine. Individual serve, packaged cereals and bottled yoghurts can stay.  But the self-help fruit, meat cheese platters are going. And the self-serve bread boards and toasters are out of the question.


For the first week we tried a combination of buffet and served food. We have always used a certain degree of served food to complement what is predominantly a buffet spread. As well as the tea, coffee and juice, the freshly baked croissants were always brought to the table hot from the oven. They could stay. But the self-serve ‘protein’ platters had to go.


We tried serving individual serves of baked egg slice.


Nice taste, but a bit boring!


Our buffets were a great hit with guests and we thought that losing this was a step backwards.


What if we could rethink the buffet. What if we could make it Covid Safe.


Finally I hit on an idea! It was novel, and it was such fun!


If you want to see our new concept breakfast, you will just have to come to stay.


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