Wilderness Wildlife Night Hide Experience

Wilderness Wildlife Night Hide Experience

Our Wilderness Wildlife Night Hide Experience cameras capture a Tasmanian Devil


A wilderness wildlife night hide is particularly good for seeing Tasmanian devils in their natural environment.


I met today with a couple of chaps whose passion for our native wildlife was impressive. Evidently they have been working in this field for many years but somehow I have only recently ‘discovered’ them.


As they talked me through what they do, their knowledge and experience became evident. Theses expert guides will be available to take our guests night spotting for Tasmania’s nocturnal native fauna. We will also have access to their animal hides for the ultimate sleep overs with Tasmanian devils.


These guys don’t just take guests for a wander into the wilderness. Theirs is a long, patient process of familiarisation. Before they ever take a guest to a particular site, they get to know the area well. Then they will:


  • regularly visit it over a two year period to get to know its peculiarities
  • go there in all seasons, at all times of day and night
  • get to know the habits of the wildlife in that area
  • and then consistently do the same things so that the animals become comfortable with those patterns of behaviour.


Then, and only then, will they introduce ‘outsiders’ to that area.


We are offering our guests the 2 choices of Wilderness Wildlife Night Hide Experiences.


The 3-4 hour night stalks looking for animals in the wilderness will leave The Woodbridge just before sunset. This timing varies greatly with the season.


Alternatively guests can choose to ‘sleep-over’ in a hide, and watch for Tassie devils and other wildlife.
The hides are small but are cosy and well set up. There are comfy beds if guests want to take turns sleeping, and ‘quiet’ snack foods to nibble on.


The Tassie devils have become used to coming to the hides. The guides regularly leave fresh road kill at the hide site for them.


Guests can choose to stay in the hide alone – there is phone connected for calling out. There is a camera filming outside in case you do doze off and miss something.


Otherwise you can elect to have one of the guides stay with you. If you think that you are likely to fall asleep, this is a good option. You can doze and the guide can awaken you when any action happens. Besides, listening to theses guides talk about the animals and their experiences is a great way to pass the night.