Covid Safe Luxury Escapes

Covid Safe Luxury Escapes are on everyone's wish list. Welcome to the pristine Derwent Valley.

Covid Safe Luxury Escapes are on everyone’s wish list. Welcome to the Derwent Valley.


Covid Safe Luxury Escapes


Everyone is wanting to get away, but we are all a bit hesitant. We want to escape. We long for a luxury escape. But we want it to be a Covid Safe luxury escape!


Of course, we want to get The Woodbridge up and pumping again. But we want it Covid safely pumping to protect not only our guests, but also our staff.


Protocols at The Woodbridge are constantly evolving in line with the moving goalposts of government Covid policy. Here are the latest episode of Living with Covid at The Woodbridge.



Episode 4: Living with Covid at The Woodbridge


Masks and vaccinations are the latest addition to the mix, but the biggest player is Omicron.


It is hard to imagine that something sinister could be lurking in our beautiful, pristine valley. But of course, omicron could be anywhere, anytime, and moving so fast.



Tasmania has restrictions on people entering the state. They have to be fully vaccinated or have a negative test prior to arriving.

The Woodbridge asks that all guests be fully vaccinated.



In Tasmania it is mandatory that you wear masks indoors unless sitting and eating.

The Woodbridge asks guests to keep their mask on until they reach their room.


Check the Tasmanian Coronavirus Website for updated information.



Minimising contact:

Guests are asked to social distance, and the large rooms + small guest numbers means that The Woodbridge could never meet exceed its density limits.


The Woodbridge always operates a little differently in that The Big House, is the guests’ domain. Staff are based in the Pavilion, only coming to the Big House when they have specific things to attend to. This operating model has proved most appropriate in Covid times.


To further minimise contact, the Pavilion is now open only when it is in use for meals, checkin/out and cleaning. Staff are therefore based off site and only attend during these times. But we are always there to help 24/7 via the Mobile concierge service



Meet our Mobile Concierge Service:


Woodbridge has always offered a full Concierge service. Over time, this became more and more digital, and our Mobile Concierge Service evolved.


There is no doubt that our Mobile Concierge service is a winner, with guests using it more and more. We really have become a digital generation, and now it is not just the kids who do everything through theirs phones.

The Mobile Concierge Service has proved to be perfect for these Covid times. Guests can phone or text 24/7 for assistance with recommendations, directions, advice or any requests. Communication is enhanced, and everything is done remotely and Covid safely.