Best Tasmanian Hotel Accommodation – by reviews?

Is the best Tsmanian hotel accommodation revealed through reviews?

Is the best Tasmanian hotel accommodation found through reviews?


When searching for the best Tasmanian hotel accommodation, we tend to look at reviews. But I frequently challenge review integrity. There are lots of dodgy dealing happening out there with 5 star reviews.


And at the other end of the scale, some people are so unrealistic in their expectations.


We are currently taking a few days off, just driving around Tasmania. Not going anywhere in particular, just driving.


Like everyone else, we check out reviews. But because we see it from both the guest and the hotel’s perspective, we tend to be more skeptical.


Last night we checked into a place in the far north. We had stayed here before and like the setting overlooking the beach. Rooms are large, with very generous balconies. Dated, but clean, loads of hot water … it isn’t five star but the sea breeze is priceless.


I was surprised therefore to see the number of really low ratings on Trip Advisor and started reading these reviews.

Some people are so unrealistic, and others are downright vindictive.


One reviewer gave a 1 star rating. Why? Because (s)he had arrived at 11.30am, and was offended that (s)he was told (s)he could not check in until 2.00pm.


Another had bought one of the cheapest rooms of the property. She then rated poorly because (s)he did not have a sea view, and was on the hot western side.


To be 1 or 2 star, something has to be terribly wrong. Some complained about the breakfast, and yes, it was abysmal. But that in itself should only bump it from, say, a 4 to a 3 star rating.


This was a substantial hotel, providing the traveller with the convenience of  food, drink and accommodation  …. miles from the main centres.

It had been something in its day, but now needed a refurbishment. Nonetheless, it was clean, and it had everything we needed.


When did travellers become so precious?


And, for what you got, it was not expensive. Some people are so unrealistic.


So I did a little mental arithmetic.

Deduct 10% for Goods and Services Tax.

Deduct 15-35% for agent selling fees. (If you bought the room through one the plethora of online companies offering discounted deals, that can be 50-65%)

Allow at least $20 for laundered sheets, and towels.

Allow at least $20 staff cost to clean the room.

Electricity, hot water, tea and coffee, rates, insurances etc etc

And what about return on investment on the money sitting in this property.


Looking at it from another perspective, most checkin to checkout is about 20 hours of occupancy.
For a $200 room, that is $10/hour.
The price of a couple of coffees.
$10/hr to use someone else’s property, enjoy a bed with clean sheets, private bathroom with hot water, TV, wifi etc etc.


It’s a bargain I think.