Best accommodation Hobart surrounds

Finding best accommodation for Hobart Surrounds

Finding the best accommodation Hobart Surrounds depends on many things.



What defines the best accommodation Hobart Surrounds?


The answer to that varies as often as the person answering it. Everyone has a different idea. And yet, somehow, accommodation providers are supposed to be able to know and supply the elusive ‘it’ for every preference.


I should say, at the outset, that, for me, the biggest ‘it’ is service and how that makes me feel. I am not at all interested in self-contained. Nor am I interested in sharing someone’s home, be it as a B&B or as an AirB&B.


Yes I am a princess!
More than that, John refers to me as “The princess and the Pea”!
(Some of the younger readers may have to google that).

Yes I can be a bit hard to please. But from our guests’ point of view, that is to their advantage. I do cut the small stuff when it comes to trying to get it right at The Woodbridge.


However, there also has to be a business balance. We would love to go overboard on every aspect of hospitality, and overwhelm our guests with abundant generosity. But from a business perspective, everything has an cost, and the cost of service staff not the least.


So, what is it that makes for ‘best’ accommodation?



Best Accommodation Check List


A beautiful building certainly helps.  ✔️ that for The Woodbridge.

Lovely rooms and really comfortable beds are a must. ✔️ again.

A spectacular setting certainly helps. I think we can safely say that The Woodbridge, perched as it is above the Derwent River, has this covered. ✔️

Guests always comment on our wonderful staff, so I think we can tick that off also. ✔️

Great food? Well we have been told twice in the last week that our meal was the best food that the guest had had during their stay in Tasmania. However, this week also, a local guest told us he was disappointed. He was looking for a more elaborate dining experience than our new grazing menu offers. Half a tick? ❓

We frequently get told by guests how wonderful it ‘feels’ to stay here. Guests often say things like “We should be home by  ….”.   Ambience, feeling at home and caring attention ✔️✔️✔️


Frankly I don’t know how someone classifies ‘best accommodation’, as it is such a personal choice. I am just glad that we seem to be doing it right for a lot of people.