Totally Instagramable

Woodbridge always makes a wonderful shot, and the light gives so many variations

One of our staff sent this image of Woodbridge to me this week. He had caught the soft Autumn even light just perfectly.

At this time of year, the light is different, and combined with the Autumn colour of the foliage, offers some truly magical moments to be captured.

Our guests love capturing the moments for their social media pages, and we love capturing them for our social media also.

Social media has become such a phenomenum, not just for personal use, but also for its marketing power. It is not about the ‘selling ‘ of the product on the social media. It is more about having your brand name being used – the more white noise there is surrounding your brand name, the more Goggle notices it, and the better it ranks your brand on its pages.

So, we just love it when guests take photos and post them their social media. And we love it when people share their images with us – social media has a voracious appetite for imagery, so we gratefully receive every image sent to us.