The Talented Greg Duncan

Delightful bread board purchased at Wall in the Wilderness

We first met Greg Duncan in 2003 when we came to Tasmania (on the holiday that would change our lives).

Greg had a workshop and outlet at Salamanca, and was working in both metal and wood. I think that, at the time, he was better known for his bronzes and quirky metal pieces such as the amazing baracooda, than he was for his wood carving.

We purchased  a frog to take home to our home in Western Australia, a large, delightfully cheeky chap with a cast body, and legs folded into shape from cut steel.

We would dearly have loved to have bought what we considered a masterpiece, a dry-as-a-bone overcoat and akubra hat, carved life-size in wood, which hung on the wall looking totally like the real thing in leather. But common sense prevailed and we decided it was just too big and difficult to take home …. and we have regretted this decision ever since.

Not long after, Greg decided to pursue a dream, and he moved up the valley to Derwent Bridge, built a huge ‘shed’, and started his history of Tasmania in wood, what is now the acclaimed ‘Wall in the Wilderness’.

His talent still astounds us, and we periodically head up the hill to see the latest carved panels, and marvel how he can make wood look so alive.