Tasmania’s Aurora Australis showing at The Woodbridge

Tasmania's Aurora Australis

Tasmania’s Aurora Australis usually visits in Autumn, but came for Spring as well this year


Tasmania’s Aurora Australis is magnificent. Seeing it gives one a huge buzz, no matter how often you see it.


It is surprising how many people are unaware of this Tasmanian phenomenon. They know about the Northern Lights but not about its Southern counterpart.


It is even more surprising when you consider that the Southern lights are so much more accessible. A quick flight to Tasmania from any of the Australian capitals, and you are right where the Aurora is best seen. Almost anywhere is southern Tasmania is good for seeing the lights, but being removed from ambient city lights helps. Given that our largest city, Hobart, is less than 200,000 people, you do ‘t have to go far to get away from intrusive light.


And because there is nothing between Hobart and the South Pole, you don’t have to travel further south. The action is clear right here.


Australians travel all the way to Scandinavia and to Northern Canada to see the Aurora. This is without ever having popped down to Tassie to see our home grown version. Is this an example of the Australian cringe, where we believe everything overseas must be better?



Best times to photograph the Aurora Australis?


Tasmania is a photographer’s delight. Shutterbugs come from all over the world to capture Tasmania’s iconic imagery. They tell us that there is something in the light down here. When the Aurora is displaying her finery, everybody is out looking for the perfect shot. You don’t need to be a professional to get great shots. This image was caught by one of our staff in between dishes during dinner service.


Aurora Australis made a surprise visit this week. However, the best time to see the lights in Tasmania in Autumn. So that is usually our recommendation to guests coming for the light show.