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13 Feb

Tasmanian Weather

It doesn’t matter what the weather, Woodbridge is a stunner. We have had weeks of record breaking heat, and she has sparkled in the sun. We had bushfires 2 weeks ago, and she looked unbelievably amazing in the red sunsets caused by the smoke. This weekend, thankfully, the rains came, and she looks mysterious and […]

5 Feb

Luxury Hospitality

When I stay at a basic hotel, all I really want is a clean bed and a hot shower. But when I stay at a luxury or boutique hotel, I want to feel ‘cherished’. John and I can list off the special hotels that have left a true hospitality impression on us, and they are […]

26 Jan

Tassie Fire Alerts

Thank you to the many people who have contacted to check that we and Woodbridge are safe. All good, as we are about an hour and a half away from the fire fronts. Yesterday the valley had a lot of smoke, as there were strong winds from the north. Today the wind direction has changed […]

20 Jan

Georgian Architecture

I tend to be a minimalist at heart, and the definition of elegance as “less is more” has always rung true for me. So it is no surprise that I prefer the simplicity of Gerogian architecture and design to the fussiness of the Victorian era. Georgian architecture is all about subtle colour and symmetry, and […]

17 Jan

Kayaking with Platypus

Last night was a delightful balmy summer’s evening, just right for travelling down the Derwent River in search of Platypus. I was a bit apprehensive as I am not very fit, I am not very agile, and I am no spring chicken! And …. I have gammy knees which means I need help getting down […]

14 Jan

Finding Lewis

When we were restoring Woodbridge we uncovered many wonderful details of the house, but by far my favourite memory was finding Lewis. I was quite pedantic about saving everything that we uncovered, even to the extent of telling the tradies to pick up every handmade nail that they saw in the dust and rubble. And […]

13 Jan

Historic New Norfolk

It doesn’t matter how often I recount the story of how New Norfolk got its name, it never ceases to delight me that we are living in part of Tasmania’s, indeed Australia’ s history. New Norfolk is one of the oldest towns in Australia. It pre-dates Port Arthur and was originally know as Elizabeth Town, […]

7 Jan

It’s an ill wind

Tasmania always has lush growth in the weeks leading up to Christmas. There continues to be moisture in the ground, supplemented by periodic rainfall. Add the warmth of summer to this, and Tasmania experiences an explosion of vegetation. Then, as the summer heat continues and intensifies, this undergrowth dries out …. and you have the […]

2 Jan

The Talented Greg Duncan

We first met Greg Duncan in 2003 when we came to Tasmania (on the holiday that would change our lives). Greg had a workshop and outlet at Salamanca, and was working in both metal and wood. I think that, at the time, he was better known for his bronzes and quirky metal pieces such as […]

27 Nov

Our Romantic Garden has a beautiful story

Remembering Dean   Our gardens are a constant source of pleasure to guests and staff alike.   They are also a source of pleasure and pride for a local family.   We met Dean when we were restoring Woodbridge. He ran a garden cleanup business, and we engaged him to remove some of the dead […]