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2 Jul

Environmental Responsibility

I love being able to repurpose things. If you think of it, Woodbridge itself is a grand example of repurposing and recycling. After all, we restored and repurposed a derelict Georgian mansion and turned it into luxury accommodation.  And in doing this we recycled bricks and wood and architectural features. We also found various items […]

13 Feb

Tasmanian Weather

It doesn’t matter what the weather, Woodbridge is a stunner. We have had weeks of record breaking heat, and she has sparkled in the sun. We had bushfires 2 weeks ago, and she looked unbelievably amazing in the red sunsets caused by the smoke. This weekend, thankfully, the rains came, and she looks mysterious and […]

13 Jan

Historic New Norfolk

It doesn’t matter how often I recount the story of how New Norfolk got its name, it never ceases to delight me that we are living in part of Tasmania’s, indeed Australia’ s history. New Norfolk is one of the oldest towns in Australia. It pre-dates Port Arthur and was originally know as Elizabeth Town, […]