Romantic Escape in Hobart Surrounds – only choice!

Romantic Escape in Hobart Surrounds

Looking for a romantic escape in Hobart surrounds? Photographer Elena thinks there is only one choice!


This week we welcomed back guests who had last stayed with us 4 years ago. It was their anniversary. Elena said, “As we were looking for a romantic escape in Hobart or nearby, there was really only one choice. We just couldn’t wait to come back to The Woodbridge!”


It is wonderful how often this happens. It is a special feeling when guests return, they already know the routine and are instantly ‘at home’.


One local couple had they wedding week at The Woodbridge, and returned every anniversary thereafter. Then they stopped coming, and we saw them locally with there little ones of various ages. He offered a tired smile, rolled his eyes. “ Can’t wait until we can getaway to Woodbridge again!” he said, and we laughed.


Of the many things that are a source of pleasure in this business, ‘returning guests’ is a stand out I think. ‘Returning guests’ say that you are doing something right.

Guest who emphatically say “We will return!” are saying that we have hit the nail on the head for them.

(We recently had a single lady stay with us. I was surprised and somewhat upset when she repeatedly thanked us for making her welcome as a sole traveller. I was surprised that she had previously had bad experiences, but then, I don’t travel solo. She left us in no doubt that she will be back… not a romantic escape, but just as important for her.)

One couple have been returning year after year. In fact every time we post a particularly lovely image on Facebook or Instagram, there is a flurry of posts between them. “When can we getaway next?”


Hospitality can be, and often is, such hard work, and let’s be honest, not every guest is graciously aware of your efforts. But when they do appreciate all that goes on behind the scene, it is fabulous.

And when guests choose to return, that is the best feeling of all.