Reviews and Guest Feedback

When guests are this wonderful, how can we not strive to their benchmark?

I posted this image of snippets from our Guest Comments book on Instagram and Facebook today. Soon after, I was contacted by a lady who wrote one of the comments. She had obviously really loved to her Woodbridge stay, because is looking forward to coming back soon.

Last week I posted an image of Woodbridge that a guest had sent to us, and was similarly contacted. She commented that she had such wonderful memories, and she can’t wait to come back  in October.

The last published review for 2018-2019 season is on This well travelled gentleman  gave us 10/10 and said, “…. would highly recommend to travellers who want a memorable stay.”

Our staff are very attune to the fact that that their actions and attitudes can ‘make the day’ for our guests. But I often wonder if our guest realise how much they make (or break) our day.

Our staff really love their jobs at Woodbridge. They are committed to providing the best service, and they put so much of themselves into personalising that service.

Feedback like this lifts staff up, recognises their efforts and renews their dedication. It is a win-win situation.

Woodbridge has such wonderful guests. How can we possibly go wrong?