Bedrooms are undergoing a refresh with a new colour scheme of silk cushions, bed furnishings and handloomed floor rugs.

Our new colour scheme for the bedrooms is coming together nicely, and most of the elements are now in place or under way.

We have combined shades of aubergine with yellows and bronzes to compliment the tones of the original blackwood and Tasmanian oak floors. Further ‘warmth’ is being introduced to the bedroom furniture through elements of Tasmanian oak variation.

The neutral tones of pearl and clay and pale yellow as the basis of walls and furniture provide the ‘blank canvas’ to highlight the youthful, modern tones being introduced.

Loomed cushions and hand knotted floor rugs were made by a co-operative of women in the rural highlands of Sardinia, where a lady recognised as a ‘living treasure’ is resurrecting traditional designs and techniques and teaching the local women in an area suffering severe economic hardship post-GFC.

Silk cushions from a specially selected Thai silk were made for us by a one woman business, and additional bed furnishings are being made for us by a local lady from our chosen signature fabrics.

Bedrooms will continue to exhibit clean, crisp lines with easy wipe surfaces and without heavy carpets, and with our signature shutters instead of dust-collecting drapes. The refurbishment is a work in progress, as we move into year 4 of the 5 year plan.