Raffles in Tasmania?

A little bit of Raffles in Tasmania


I have always loved going to Raffles in Singapore. Oh, I know that there are now more impressive, bling and wow hotels, but for me, Raffles retains its air of history, refined travel, elegance and comfort, a perfect recipe for the aaah factor.


So no surprises then that Raffles was my inspiration for decorating our riverfront dining pavilion, all light and bright and cool and inviting, windows that open, overhead white cane fans softly circulating the air, white cane furniture with lots of cushions, green palms and orchids, white linens and a smatter of silverware.


Add great staff, iced water, gin and tonic, cups of tea, relaxing, needing to go to your room for a snooze but reluctant to leave. You could imagine indeed that you were there in Singapore’s Raffles.


Then suddenly the sculls are rowing down the river in front of you …. are you in England?


No it is beautiful Tasmania.