Post-Covid Tasmanian Luxury Getaway

Post-Covid Tasmanian Luxury Getaway

Post-Covid Tasmanian Luxury Getaway is high on many people’s wish list


We are all looking forward to ‘breaking out’. Our guests are planning for and in many cases are booking for their Post-Covid Tasmanian Luxury Getaway.

We have been working on it, and it is an evolving strategy!


We have rejected the Covid-cringe strategy


In light of Covid, The Woodbridge took the opportunity to rethink our guests’ stays. But we did not want a Covid-cringe strategy.

Of course, safety is paramount, but if possible we were also aiming for ‘even better‘.

If you are going to ‘escape’, what are you going to escape to?


Safety First


Safety is, of course, a priority. We have approached this on several fronts.

We are implementing other novel strategies to compliment our enhanced Covid cleaning and hygiene practices.

As well as Covid cleaning with hospital grade cleaners and sanitisers, we are also implementing ‘fallow’ days. After spraying, rooms are left empty for periods of time to ensure the virus ‘dies’.

Our ‘Bubble Strategy’ defines the guest’s room not only as his/her relaxation and privacy sanctuary, but also as his/her safety bubble. Guests can limit their person-to-person contact as much as they wish as staff do not enter guest rooms. And guests are really embracing our Covid Remote Concierge Services.

Then there is our Breakfast in a Bottle Buffet. Oddly, getting breakfast right was one of the hardest to do. But it is working really well, and it wakes the day with a giggle.


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