Pappardelle for Healthy Eating Grazing Menu

Pappardelle will be on our Health Eating Grazing Menu

Our new Healthy Eating Grazing Menu must include a fresh Pappardelle, mustn’t it?


Designing our new Healthy Eating Grazing Menu is such fun. And it is such a tasty undertaking. Every second daily meal is a taste test to decide what goes on the menu.


Ah, it is a hard job, but somebody has to do it!


Today we had Pappardelle for lunch. As we experimented, I heard the voice of a much loved Italian friend.


Any time we popped by her house to see her son, she would ask, “ Have you eaten?”. In the blink of an eye, the eggs and flour and semolina were on the bench and she was kneading away. Lunch was always massive there with all the family home for lunch and all the factory workers as well. Not to mention the drop-ins like us.


And she always turned lunch (and dinner, because we had lots of those also), into a cooking class. It is no wonder that her sons as well as her daughters, are great cooks, and not afraid to try new things.


They introduced me to fresh fig, blue cheese and honey pizza! Yum! But that is another story.


As we started talking about the Pappardelle for the Grazing Menu, I heard Nonna say, “Keep it simple! Let the lovely flavour of the fresh pasta shine through!”


She was right. The pasta is the star. Just add a dash, just a dash, of wonderful cherry tomato sauce, shaved Grana Padano, fresh basil and premium extra virgin olive oil.



And this one is ideal for al fresco dining under the almond trees at The Woodbridge. I could imagine that I am in my favourite haunts in the Abruzzi, Italy.


Other dishes vying for a place on the Grazing Menu:


We will have platters, including sliced roast beef, and charcuterie options. Its Tasmania, so salmon has to featurre. Cheese platters of course, and antipasto will make the cut.


There is a wonderful Spanish inspired dish with spicy tomato and chick peas that can be be served with or without chorizo.


Rillettes, pates and terrines with fresh crusty bread are always a favourite with me. And I love snacking on lettuce rolls, so tasty, so fresh. Pies are perfect for holidays, and soups for when you want something warm and comforting.


Naturally, we will have some hearty meals like rack of lamb …


We have lots more taste testing to do.