Meet our spirits free drinks menu

Woodbridge offers a spirits free drinks menu

Our spirits free drinks menu will be a great hit with guests.


I am always looking for spirits free drinks when I go out. I am always so disappointed. This week I went to a fabulous restaurant, and was delighted to have a choice of 3 alcohol free drinks. Additionally there was the usual soft drink options which all too often are the only alcohol free options.


I was so excited to have a choice of three. Of course there were dozens of alcoholic drinks to choose from. Not fair!


And this is not true hospitality. Hospitality is about catering to guest preferences.


I think some bars focus on the spirits because they see them as more profitable. However, the largest component of any drink is the service costs. This is particularly so in Australia where our staff are paid comparatively well.


Anyway, I for one, am happy to pay a reasonable price for a good non-alcoholic drink. And really, all they have to do is make the cocktail larger and leave off the booze. It is not a big ask, surely.


With the healthy lifestyle choices being made by so many people, I think that I am not alone in this.


So what is on offer?


Here are some of the spirits free drinks we will have on our menu this season.


We have to start with the classic lemon, lime bitters. No, not the abomination in a bottle. The real thing. I can’t believe how many bars worldwide do not know this drink. And yes, I know that the bitters is alcoholic, but I’m not going to be precious about this.


Citron Presse combines freshly squeezed citrus, mulled mint and ice, sweet syrup, sparkling mineral water or soda and one secret ingredient. I love the theatre of this drink as you mix it at the table to your own taste pallet.


Elderflower Spritzers, Mulled Mango using my Mum’s secret recipe, and the Naked Coconut will all feature on the menu. We will even have milkshakes in the afternoons.