Luxury Tasmanian Getaways – planning post Covid

Luxury Tasmanian Getaways are being planned for covid breakout

Luxury Tasmanian Getaways are being planned for the covid breakout



Luxury Tasmanian Getaways are likely to be very much in demand very soon. People are feeling restless. They want to break out. Everyone needs a change of four walls. We dream of a change of scenery. People want to indulge.


They yearn to get away, but they also want to feel safe.
Our planning is balancing act of “How do we create a luxurious experience in a covid safe environment?”.

And in a climate of daily change, the constant question is “How long will restrictions last?”. And “What will change, and when?”.


Therefore, as we plan, we have to build in flexibility, things we can tweak as restriction details change. How do we modify our current operating structure to meet the new realities? And how do we build in mechanisms to faze out new structures as they are no longer needed? Will things go back to normal? Do we want to go back to the old normal?


In some ways, hospitality businesses are being given an enforced opportunity to stop, step back, reflect, reinvent. There is an old saying that ‘the immediate has a way of taking priority over the important’. This is particularly so in hospitality where the immediacy of customer service is so demanding.

We now have the mental space to let our minds play with possibility thinking. We are playing with what I call the ‘how come?’, ‘what if?’ and ‘why not?’ thoughts.


When we reopen in October, we want your escape to The Woodbridge to be a ‘contented sigh’ moment. Whatever we do, however we do it, we want to offer the getaway that you have been dreaming of.