Luxury Private Hotel near Hobart

Luxury Accommodation near Hobart is very private

Luxury private hotel near Hobart ensuring guests’ peaceful enjoyment and privacy.


Our luxury private hotel near Hobart had a rather surprising incident recently. A lady became quite offended that she was not able to wander into the property for a ‘look around’.


We explained that The Woodbridge respects its guests’ right to peaceful, private enjoyment. Therefore Woodbridge is accessible only to in-house guests.


John and I stayed at the Riad in Morocco in March. The Riad is a small, luxe hotel in a traditional Moroccan building with internal courtyards and walls of intricate inlay. It is visually lovely, with a cool calm and peacefulness.


Like so many of its ilk in this part of the world, the externals are nothing to behold. With just a entrance door or a gate in the wall, they can often pass unnoticed.  Similarly, the Riad is tucked away down a narrow alleyway, accessed through a small unassuming entrance.


So imagine our surprise as tour groups started pouring through the small entrance door for ‘a look’.


As we sat there reading our books, or playing chess, the phones and cameras were flashing all around us. Many of the selfies featured us in the background.


Naturally, we were offended and we were annoyed. One comes to the Riad for a peaceful, relaxing interlude. We wanted to feel cocooned.


One expects the day trippers when one is staying at a large hotel. The general public visiting major hotels usually get soaked up in the expanses of the larger property. However, this doesn’t happen in small, intimate hotels, where the arrival of ‘outsiders’ is intrusive and disruptive.


As we sat there feeling violated, I reflected that this is exactly why we protect the exclusivity of The Woodbridge.