Luxury Hotel Trends

Travellers are preferring simpler fare.

I watch travel trends carefully and travel widely every year to keep abreast of changes. Besides, we love to travel, and I prefer to travel ‘well’.

In recent years, luxury travel has simplified. Guests want more informality but without any diminishing of service standards. They just want it presented differently.

Dining is the most noticeable in this regard.

Guests don’t want to dress up for dinner even in luxury hotels. Most travellers try to limit the amount of luggage. They don’t want to carry jewellery, dinner jackets, ties, leather shoes. They expect their favourite all purpose, albeit upmarket, brand outfits to carry them across all occasions. Besides they want to be comfortable around the hotel, and relaxed.

Similarly, they want to be relaxed at dinner. Usually they have been travelling or sightseeing, so they want to chill. They want the service to be attentive and complete, but without pretension. And they don’t want the stiffness of a formal setting for dinner.

They want the dinner itself to be a more relaxed affair. After a long day travelling or being a tourist, they want to shower, eat, and unwind. They are dining earlier. They want simpler, smaller meal options.

These trends parallel what we have been observing at Woodbridge over the years.

So, we are making changes, or at least continuing the changes that have been evolving naturally. This season, dinner will start earlier melding into what was previously pre-dinner drinks. Simpler dining options will be available.

It is still the great food for which we are famous – just reinvented. And accompanied, of course, by fabulous wines, whiskeys, gins, vodkas, from our Derwent Valley menu.