Luxury Hospitality

Woodbridge embraces true hospitaly and guests are valued

When I stay at a basic hotel, all I really want is a clean bed and a hot shower. But when I stay at a luxury or boutique hotel, I want to feel ‘cherished’. John and I can list off the special hotels that have left a true hospitality impression on us, and they are the ones that we return to time after time.

I have to say that it really bugs me when I stay at top end hotels  and still feel gouged for every dollar additional. I resent paying $5 for a can of softdrink from the minibar – and yes, I do understand the labour costs of maintaining minibars!

At Woodbridge we have tried to embrace the concept of true hospitality, treating guests as we wish to be treated, as we would care for, and indulge, a much-loved family member.

Softdrink from the minibar is complimentary  and there are top ups in the Salon if you want more. Barista-made tea and coffee is complimentary and there are self serve coffee machines in the rooms and in the Salon. There is complimentary fruit and nuts and mints and chocolate in the Salon and Reading Room. Our guests are welcome to use the sauna, jacuzzi and electric bikes, and we even provide towels if the guests want to swim in the river or the nearby heated pool.

At the moment, guests have the additional pleasure of being invited to raid the peach tree … all part of the service!