Luxury Holidays Tasmania in the 1930s

Luxury Holidays Tasmania in 1930s

Luxury holidays Tasmania included steamer trunks like this in the 1930s.


Luxury holidays in Tasmania is not a new concept.


It is true that, for a long time, Tasmania had a reputation as a cheap travel destination. Camper vans were the most common holidays. Back packing was also popular. Accommodation was basic, mainly country pubs, camp sites and bed and breakfasts.


Recently Tasmania travel has gone up market. The fundamentals of exquisite natural beauty and fabulous fresh produce remains the same. But there are many more fabulous wineries, distilleries and micro-breweries. There are lots of great eateries now, making the most of the clean green local foods. And you can get great coffee everywhere – when we came in 2003, we were desperate for a good coffee.


However, my local friends tell me that back in the early twentieth century, travel to Tasmania was only for the well heeled. Most travellers came by ship, and By this I don’t mean ferry. They came on elegant ships, in elegant cabins.


Consequently they favoured using elegant luggage like this steamer trunk. It is a lovely item.


The design allows it to be used as a trunk for transport or as a wardrobe. Luggage could be unpacked into cupboards in the cabin or hotel. Alternatively the luggage could remain in the trunk which doubled as a wardrobe when stood on end. On the left hand side it has wooden hangers that slots into place and lock. On the right hand side there are drawers, and there are smaller lockable compartments.


It is a delightful reminder of an elegant bygone time of luxury travel.