It’s an ill wind

Amazing colours of sunset overlaid by smoke

Tasmania always has lush growth in the weeks leading up to Christmas. There continues to be moisture in the ground, supplemented by periodic rainfall. Add the warmth of summer to this, and Tasmania experiences an explosion of vegetation.

Then, as the summer heat continues and intensifies, this undergrowth dries out …. and you have the perfect ingredients for a bushfire.

Tasmania has had some horrendous bushfires, firestorms that have raged out of control. We had a very bad one further up the Derwent Valley in 2017.

Last weekend there was a bushfire in the mountains north west of New Norfolk, which given the winds, was cause for great concern. While it was most unlikely that the fire would reach us, the wind direction meant that the valley down to New Norfolk was heavy with smoke.

Thankfully, by mid afternoon the fire services were getting the upper hand, despite the continuing winds, and by late afternoon, these winds were starting to clear the air.

By sunset, there was just enough smoke left in the air to create this amazing sunset colours, captured by one of our guests….. “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.”