If you give a choice of two…

If there is a choice of two main courses, it is almost inevitable that one person will choose one, and the partner the other. That way, they can get to taste both, as is usually the case with our guests sharing their meals amongst oohs and aahs.


Last night’s guests were no exception, one choosing the traditional slow cooked Rack of Tasmanian Lamb, and the other choosing the pan-seared maple glazed Tasmanian Salmon (with a nod to Canada’s iconic Cedar Plank Salmon).


There is so much to learn about cooking, and over the years we have absorbed the wisdom of some amazing chefs. We came to recognise that every chef had something that (s)he was particularly good at, and if you learnt that one thing, over time you would learn an awful lot. John is veritable sponge for knowledge of all types, and he has enjoyed working with all the chefs and talking and testing in the kitchens of chefs all over the world as we have travelled. We come home from trips with new ideas and John plays with them, and thankfully Chef Celia is not ego-driven, and enjoys and encourages John’s passions. The results are some wonderful collaborations of flavour and skill.


The outcome? All guests last night declared that it was the best meal that they had had anywhere in Tasmania.