Hot Days Cool River

I often have to hold back a chuckle when discussing Tasmanian weather with potential guests.

I do warn them that Tassie weather is mercurial. We do try to give value for money down here, and there can be 3 seasons in a day, so we advise that guests bring light layers to add or remove as needed.

But still they often arrive with suitcases bulging with overcoats, or ring ahead to request a fire, even in high summer, and I do have to remind myself that for many of our mainlander guests, the idea of coming to ‘the cold’ can be very enticing.

And while we can have cold weather in summer (Christmas Day 2005 we woke to snow covered hills), it is usually short lived.

Similarly, we have occasionally hit the 40s, again short lived, and temperatures hitting 30s, while not usual, are not uncommon either

The weather in summer is usually warm, befitting long lazy summer days. And if it warms up a bit more in the afternoon, a quick dip in the river is always the solution.