Heritage Listed Boutique Tasmanian Hotel

A revamped logo leads the way in the rebranding

In deciding to reimagine and rebrand Woodbridge, many things had to be considered. All of them are interlocking. All of them effect each other. And all of them determine the direction of things to come.

One has to consider all that was the best of Woodbridge on the Derwent, which one wishes to retain. Then consider all of the great new things that one wants to incorporate. And then meld this into a comprehensive and seamless whole that will define the new identity.

This process has taken at least three years.

Then when one has one’s head around the new identity, it is time to think about how to rebrand. What succinctly articulates the new identity? There was no hesitation here – Woodbridge is ‘heritage’ and Woodbridge is ‘boutique’.

Then ….  what is the name to be? ‘Woodbridge’ was named in 1834 that after the first wooden bridge across the Derwent built beside her, so ‘Woodbridge’ obviously must be part of the brand. But there are ‘Woodbridges’ all over the world for the same ‘wooden bridge’ reasons.  The brand must be distinguishable and location specific.

Everyone has always called Woodbridge on the Derwent simply ‘Woodbridge’ or ‘The Woodbridge’. So ‘The Woodbridge Tasmania’ was a natural choice.

Finally, the logo must reflect the new identity, and the new name. However,  we wanted also to retain the brand recognition of the old logo. This beautiful oval engraving ties the stunning building to its riverside location – the last piece in the puzzle.

I hope you like what we have done.