Georgian Architecture

Georgian simplicity is a winner at Woodbridge

I tend to be a minimalist at heart, and the definition of elegance as “less is more” has always rung true for me. So it is no surprise that I prefer the simplicity of Gerogian architecture and design to the fussiness of the Victorian era.

Georgian architecture is all about subtle colour and symmetry, and the play on lines and space: the lines and space of the Georgian 6-panel doors, the lines and space of the Georgian 8-panel windows, the parallel lines of the architraves, the skirting and the cornices, and the occasional arch to soften and add interest.

So when we were furnishing Woodbridge, the design concept was easy: reflect the lines and spaces of the building. And so our bedside tables reflect the squares and rectangles of the windows and doors, and  the strong vertical lines of the architraves, and the result is layer upon layer of complementary shapes.

A subtle colour palette flows throughout on walls and in furnishings which ties the whole concept together nicely.

Subdued, elegant, refined, restful – a prefect recipe across the ages!