Fun & Games

Who can resist?

When we are in our busy day to day patterns, we seldom think to take the time to play games.

To relax we either go to sleep, turn on the TV (and fall asleep), read a book (and fall asleep) or get onto our devices.

I must say that my brother’s family is an exception, as his wife came from a family where games were part of the weekly ritual, and certainly for any gathering, and successive generations have kept that going. I have many delightful memories of crazy games, late into the early morning, with hoots of laughter and so many cups of tea that we were up all the rest of the night.

So, when guests come to Woodbridge and I see the games come out, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction. We have many game options at Woodbridge, from small wooden tic tac toe for which the game might last a minute or two, to games that might engross for hours.

We all have very fond memories of one game that went on for a week. The family of three had very busy but quite separate lives, with the father travelling away on work, and the son at boarding school. They were with us for 10 days, and after a day or so settling in, they began a game of Monopoly into which the other guests and staff became spectators.

They took over the floor in a quiet corner of the ballroom, and asked the other guests and staff if anyone would mind if they just left the game there for them to come back to from day to day.

And so, the game rallied back and forth for sessions every day, over a week. The family spent the day sightseeing, returning mid afternoon for a nap, and then ‘the game’ would recommence at 5.00pm and go through until dinner time, and then often again after dinner.

At breakfast every morning, the other guests would enquire as to what had happened, and sometimes guests sat and watched the game unfolding.  That game became a great source of pleasure for everyone, not just the family.