Environmental Responsibility

Repurposing this old suitcase is environmentally responsible, but ….

I love being able to repurpose things.

If you think of it, Woodbridge itself is a grand example of repurposing and recycling. After all, we restored and repurposed a derelict Georgian mansion and turned it into luxury accommodation.  And in doing this we recycled bricks and wood and architectural features.

We also found various items on site which we repurposed or turned into artworks. A Victorian wrought iron wall bracket, originally used to hold a wash basin, became an elegant glass topped hall table. Horseshoes and old letters and nails and keys etc were repurposed as artworks.

So repurposing an old suitcase to hold the firewood was a no brainer – so environmentally responsible.

But, for firewood?

Firewood is always a dilemma. Guests love the open fires. Besides the 13 fireplaces are integral to this historic property, but we are conscious of the environment impact. So we do our best by asking guests to minimise the use of the wood fires. We suggest using them only for ambience while depending on hydro-powered reverse cycle air-conditioning and heaters for warmth.

Owning a hotel is always a balancing act.