Riverside Luxury Accommodation Hobart

Riverside luxury accommodation Hobart

Riverside luxury accommodation near Hobart resplendent in the late afternoon spring sunshine.


Guests love this riverside luxury accommodation near Hobart. There is something about sitting riverside sipping on a cup of tea, or wine, gazing over the water.


That is what we were doing this afternoon. We call it ‘working’ and that was indeed what we were doing today. We sat there in the late afternoon spring sunshine discussing menus, and teas, and coffees, and bar drinks.


It is surprising how much discussion these things take. These matters cannot be considered in isolation, and therefore the discussion revolves around , back and forward on its self.


Which teas, and, as teas are surging in popularity, should we introduce a dedicated tea menu? The guests love our ‘inverted’ tea plungers. Staff need to make more of the theatre of the mechanism of these unique plungers. Especially if we introduce the theatre of a tea menu.


The conversation then inevitably moves to “Would the guests like to have something to eat with their tea and coffee?”. Travellers are much more health conscious these days. Most prefer their tea and coffee with a glass of water rather than cake. We decide that the old favourite, scones, jam and cream, really can’t be beaten. But we instruct the chef to keep the scones really small.


The Pavilion will be open from 3.00pm until 8.00pm for drinks and food. As well as tea and coffee, guests are likely to use the bar during this time. The wines and spirits on our drinks menu is almost exclusively from the Derwent Valley. We have such a fine selection to choose from, and we added several new offerings. Another brewery, and two distilleries will commence operation locally this season.


At that we called it a day. The sun was going down.