Day by Day in our Luxury Tasmanian Hotel

Running Woodbridge is not a walk in the park.

I have been, and continue to be, an avid fan of The Duchess of Duke Street and Upstairs, Downstairs and Pride & Prejudice and Country House Party and now, of course, Downton Abbey.  Yes, I am a 'tragic'!

But I am also a realist, and so Fawlty Towers is Hospitality Training 101 for all staff.

I often say that running Woodbridge is a bit of a mix of all of the above, hopefully, less of the later, although we do have our moments!

Our Blog is a glimpse behind the scenes of the day to day running of Woodbridge.

Click to read about our 'behind the scenes' below:

Relaxed Riverfront Dining charm journalists

The Pavilion has a lovely atmosphere


Our Romantic Garden has a beautiful story

Our gardens bring pleasure to guests and staff alike.

We’ll have your hirecar ready for you

Standard or prestige vehicle, we can have it waiting for you.

Raffles in Tasmania?

I have always loved Raffles in Singapore.

If you give a choice of two ...

When it is Tasmania’s finest, 

Either way, the guests win!

Guests are loving the Electric Bikes

As fresh as it gets

With so much local produce,

It is not what you think!

Mirrors add such interest

Mirrors are a decorating feature at Woodbridge. 

Wisteria showcase

Luckily our wisteria supports are strong.

Paddock to plate suppliers

Our suppliers are just around the corner.

And they have arrived

Hand loomed floor rugs from Sardinia

We heard that there was a factory making hand knotted floor rugs.

Agrarian Kitchen moving even closer.

Read more to find out why guests can now waddle home to Woodbridge on foot from the Agrarian Kitchen Cooking School.

When you just get up for a coffee .....

A guest shared this image and her story.

It's a hard job but ....

Selecting new dishes for the season's menus is one of the more pleasurable jobs.

A Fragrant Welcome

Our lovely herb garden is at the entrance to Woodbridge.

Seaplane is back at Woodbridge

The seaplane has commenced operation again.

Not a bad bathroom view!

Every room at Woodbridge has a river view, some even in the bathroom.

Read more about our river views 

The new decor is looking good

The new decor silks are looking good.

Read more about our plans for makeovers for the rooms.

The old peach tree is promising a tasty summer

The old peach tree at Woodbridge is covered in bloom once again....

Read more about our spectacular old peach tree