Devil is in the detail

I can see around corners

When I first went to the Palace of the Lost City, in Sun City, South Africa, many years ago, I was blown away by the thought given to every detail in the creation of this fantasy hotel.

Apart from the obvious big wow factors and overkill with which this extravagant creation bombards your senses, I was very taken by the attenion to little detail taken in the corridors where ever turn of a corridor is adorned with a beautofil art work, statue, mirror or window looking out on a waterfall.

At Woodbridge I have tried to do similarly using wonderful antique convex mirrors, that allows guests to see around corners and avoid that awkward bumping into someone that can so easily happen.

Our guests often comment on our attention to detail, saying that we seem to have thought of everything. We do try, but it interesting what great ideas our guests come up with, sometimes suggesting a little something that is so easy to implement, but which we had never considered.

At Woodbridge we continue to listen and try to improve, to become the very best that Woodbridge can be.