Deliciously dining

Chocolate Fondants in the pipeline. Can’t wait for dinner tonight!

Nothing smells quite as good as fresh baking. I can remember a top Real Esate agent once telling me that he always had fresh coffee brewing and cakes or bread baking when ever he had a ‘home open’.

And that is what I am smelling now, fresh chocolate fondants in the oven ready for dinner at Woodbridge tonight. The guests tonight are in for a treat as they are a firm favourite with all.

Planning menus for incoming guests is an important daily task. And it is not necessarily an easy task. Some guests have dietary restrictions, others have things that they really don’t like, and everything has to be able to be sorted last minute if guests arrive late.

So every dish has to be able to be configured to these requirements as well as to complement the taste palates of the other dishes on the menu to create a harmonious whole. Cooking and menu planning is as much art as science.

I always thought that chocolate fondants would be such a difficult dish to make, but the chefs make it look so easy. And in any case, I don’t have to learn to do it anyway. Lucky me!