Covid Strategies at Woodbridge


Like you, we are monitoring things closely, and all of our decisions are made based on two criteria:

– being able to keep everyone safe, and

– being able to deliver on the promise of a wonderful stay.


Please read details of our COVID SAFE practices, FLEXIBLE booking terms below.

Bending the Booking Terms

Now that the Tasmanian borders are open to all mainlanders, normal booking and payment terms will apply.

In the event that Tasmania again closes its borders to any areas, we will leave reservations in place, follow developments and then negotiate with guests to reschedule their trip.

Whatever happens, we will work it through.

We offer this as an expression of goodwill, and in consideration of our guests in these uncertain times, but it in no way negates the payment and cancellation Terms & Conditions of the reservation.

Our staff will always do their best to work with guests in a spirit of polite co-operation to reschedule stays. These are stressful times for all – not only for guests whose travel plans are disrupted, but also for management and staff in uncertain economic times of struggling businesses and loss of income and jobs.

Covid Bubble Strategy

Our Bubble Strategy has been created to ensure your safe enjoyment of The Woodbridge.

This strategy includes contactless check-in and check-out options,  individual private entrance options, limited access hallway traffic, closed access to your room, contactless concierge services, e-compendiums, in-room services, social distancing dining, e-menus & orders and revised food services.

Common areas have been reconfigured for social distancing. The sauna jacuzzi laundry annex is temporarily closed.

Full contact details are required for making a reservation at The Woodbridge, enabling speedy contact tracking if required.

Covid Clean

Woodbridge has always followed sound principles of cleanliness and hygiene.

Our protocols have been enhanced to address the current Covid precautions, including deep clean between occupancies, no staff entrance to your private room ‘bubble’, hand sanitation stations throughout the property, regular sanitation of surfaces of common areas.

We own all our own linens, so you know exactly where they have been, and the sanitation standards.

All Covid Safe Plans required by government are in place.

Covid Breakfast in a Bottle Buffet

Meals in the Dining Room of  The Pavilion at The Woodbridge has always been a relaxed, convivial affair. While guests have always seated separately, they have often talked between tables and compared notes on the day’s activities.

The Pavilion is very spacious, and our numbers are small. Social distancing is not a problem.

However, Covid did pose a few problems for our dining style, particularly for breakfast. Breakfasts had always been a delightful, relaxed combination of help yourself buffet and individually served items. Guests loved our buffet and we did not want to lose that great morning vibe. But with Covid, buffets were out! Correct?

There were a lot of sleepless nights, and a few false starts, and trials and errors.

We think we now have it right.


Dinner is more or less unchanged.

Breakfast? Well we hope our Breakfast in a Bottle Buffet is going to give you good giggle while keeping your safe!