Come away to a Tasmanian Spring Getaway

Tasmanian Spring Getaway heralded by peach blossoms.

The peach tree heralds that spring is here. Time for a Tasmanian Spring Getaway.

Nothing beats a Tasmanian Spring Getaway for visual overload. Everything is so green after the winter rains, and the snow caps on the mountains still linger.


By mid-August the Manchurian pears at Woodbridge add sparkle to the last of the winter gloom, Then soon after the almond trees are covered with blossom. Both the pear and the almond trees at Woodbridge are white with a blush of pink, beautiful, but subdued.


Then bang on time for 1st September the peach trees flirt with their bright pink display. This colour is accompanied by the sudden onset of warmer air and sunnier skies. So we all know that spring is here.


The masses of blossom indicate that we will have another bumper summer harvest. Guests love raiding our trees whenever they pass. And chef loves throwing freshly picked peach halves onto squares of pastry for quick rustic peach danishes.


However, strong winds or bad weather in the next few weeks can dramatically reduce the crop. After all, this is Tasmania, and Tasmania is notorious for its mercurial weather.


Under the peach tree our self seed herb garden bursts into life, and extra plantings will fill in the gaps.


Elsewhere our local producers have been busy planting vegetables over the winter months. They will soon start picking the spring harvest and popping by with samples of their stock.


Spring makes you feel suddenly alive. And nothing says ‘Spring’ like the sight of new life as the lambs and calves skip about enjoying the sunshine.


Getaway to Spring in our Valley.