Boutique Tea – Luxury Hotel near Hobart

Boutique Tea at The Woodbridge Tasmania Luxury Hotel

Boutique Tea in a Luxury Hotel near Hobart – does it get any better than that?


Enjoying a boutique tea in a luxury hotel near Hobart may not be why most people come to Tasmania. Yet it is, in many ways, part of the history of Tasmania.


The tea ceremony was part of the typical English colonial history of which Tasmania was a part. And Woodbridge would have seen its fair share of tea drinking throughout its history.


Tea drinking has experienced something of a resurgence in recent years. This is partly due to changing dietary preferences opting for the health benefits of tea. It is also driven by the availability of more fine teas, and boutique blends of black and white teas, and herbal options.


Tea is not produced in Tasmania, so there is no question of buying locally grown tea. Over the years we have trial various brands of boutique teas. But when we discovered Poet Tea operating in Tasmania, we knew that we had the ideal match for Woodbridge.


So, we set up the Poet’s corner. A corner of the bar in the Pavilion has been given over to tea, Poet Tea, and, as is fitting, a few poetry books.


This is fine quality, organic and ethically sourced tea, with complex yet delicate flavours for the refined palate. We have spent several weeks sipping tea, and choosing our start-up selection.


I knew that we were onto a winner when my John became an firm ‘Night Tea’ drinker, We both really loved it, especially at night. John had always been a ‘plain black tea’ drinker. I finally broke it to him that he was hooked on a ‘wellness’ tea!


Our Tea Menu


Our Tea Menu includes interesting herbal options like Rooibus and Turmeric. There is a dessert tea,  Chocolate Chai, and fine black specialty flavours like Orange Pekoe. Our Luxury Selection contains rare teas from small-batch artisan production, Oolong, Emperor’s Treasure and Silver Tip.